Mission of Goutam Buddha Social & Welfare Mission for future i.e. in the next 2 years are Medical help and support We through our Members plans and visions to provide medical assistance by means of supporting hospitals, medical centers, organizing Medical Camps and providing other basic facilities to people.

  • The mission of Goutam Buddha Social & Welfare Mission is to preserve and develop Buddhist Dhamma and culture.
  • Philanthropy with religious spirit and values.
  • Uplift the poor and unprivileged/tribals by providing health services, education, training, employment, etc.
  • Working for the development of youth/ ordained monks by doing projects/ workshops, skills training, providing education, etc.


Our vision is to work towards the development of the society by providing education, medical facilities, assistance and other facilities to all those in need and to provide pecuniary assistance to those unable to fend for themselves due to old age, disease or any physical or mental handicap. We are committed to come up as an organization providing assistance and support to large number of people, to reach weaker areas of the society and to reckon with at National Level.


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